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    2019-10-06 16:03:08
    紙箱彩盒切割機: 彩盒打樣機,瓦楞紙打樣機,紙箱彩盒電腦割樣機,紙箱彩盒數控切割機,紙箱彩盒電腦割樣機V系列,拓荒牛為印刷包裝業打造革命性的切割解決方案...
    ▲ 超高頻振動刀切割技術,杜絕了人工劃切的不規范、沖壓機精度限制、激光切割機燒焦/異味等弊端;
    ▲ 便捷輸出、高速切割/壓痕、快速成型;
    ▲ 免刀模,節省人力物力;
    ▲ 數據化,提升企業生產管理。
    紙箱彩盒切割機功能特點|Functions and special feature
    ● 中瑞技術合作產品,采用瑞士進口伺服電機每分鐘轉速可達到25000轉。
    ● A product of Sino-Swiss technologies, servomotors imported from Switzerland. The motor are running, Vibrating at rotary speed up to 25000rpm
    ● 采用意大利AMT直線導軌作為傳動軌道,保證機器高速運轉平穩
    ● AMT straight-line guide rails from ltaly are used as drive rails to ensurethe machines will run in a steady manner at utmost accuracy.
    ● 采用日本松下伺服電機分別控制振動刀和壓輪的上下運動,可由電腦隨意控制振動刀和壓輪的下刀深度,對于做精品盒需要切割灰板紙時的半刀切割,即可由電腦控制。壓輪單獨由一個電機控制可壓出完美效果
    ● Using Servo-motor from Panasonic,to control up,down and turn of VibrationCutting head and creasing head independently.With computerized conttrol,the depth of cutting and creasing can be adjusted precisely according to the need of box designer and makers.
    ● 機器有四個功能頭:振動刀切割頭、壓折線輪、V型切割頭和高轉速銑刀頭??汕懈?0或60mm以下的蜂窩紙板、亞克力板、瓦楞紙、塑料瓦楞板、灰板紙、白卡紙、膠片、復合材料、皮料、布料、膠板、珍珠棉、鋁塑板和泡沫KT板等多種材料。V型切割系統可切45°、30°、22.5°、 15°、0°等5種不同角度的V型槽。
    ● The machines have four types of function alheads:vibration cuttinghead,creasing wheels,V-cutter,high speed milling Router,with drawing pen.Itenable the machine can work on different materials;corrugated paper,grayboard,white cardboard,plastic sheets,composite materials,textiles,leathers,foamboard,sponge etc at option of 15,30,60mm maximum cutting height.Optional milling router head can even cut thick acrylic.V-cutter can chose different angle at 45°、30°、22.5°、15°、0°.
    ● 整機數據線全部采用德國進口。
    ● Date wire all imported from Germany.
    ● 機器臺面采用美國進口纖維板,透氣性好,耐用,不易變形。
    ● Table mat are imported from USA,the fiber board are durable,withgood,permeability,very stable in thickness and shape.
    ● 由最穩定的以太網口用網線傳輸數據,并可直接連接AI軟件以及Autocad,Coraldraw等所有軟件輸出
    ● Date is transfer by Ethernet,the most stable method.File can be exported to machine directly from Adobe Illustrator,Coraldraw without conversion to maintain maximum accuracy.
    ● 設有安全裝置(人手進入紅外線范圍以內,機器自動停止)。
    Ultra Red Light sensor are equipped for user friendly and safety(machine automatically stop when perator's hand into the working area).
    ● 速度快,最快每秒可達到1500mm。
    ● Machine can run at the maximum speed of up to 1500mm per second.
    ● 直接在機器上控制所有微調功能,包括圖檔自動優化功能,無需另配多一臺電腦。
    ● All fine tuning can be made with control penal on the machine.
    ● 可由紅外線激光燈定位切割已印刷好的彩盒,快速而又準確。
    ● Red Ultra-light positioning device for printed work can be cut accurately in easy and quickest way.